Electric Cars

Electric cars (EVs) are a new concept in the automotive industry. Even though some firms have based their entire car models around using electricity and being proactive, some also present hybrid vehicles that get rid of both gas and electricity. To get an EV that not only saves you money but also contributes towards a stable and healthy environment, it is essential that you understand the benefits of purchasing one.


The first priority of a sensible driver is safety while driving. Electric vehicles are safer to drive. They undergo similar testing procedures as fuel powered cars. Therefore, in case of any collision, the airbags open up and at the same time, the impact sensors cut off the electricity supply from the battery. This helps in bringing the car to a stop, which prevents the occurrence of extremely bad injuries. Generally, EVs saves driving instructors worcester a lot of financial, emotional, physical and legal grief.

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Cost effective

Owning an electric car would cost a fortune though with technological advancements, both maintenance and cost have reduced. The availability of tax incentives and mass production of batteries have further lowered the cost, which makes it much more cost effective.

Cheaper to operate

Electricity is cheaper than fuel and ubiquitous in most parts across the world. Given the significant efficiency of electric vehicles compared to models that are internally combustible, the cost per mile to fuel an electric vehicle is about a third to a quarter the cost of gasoline. Additionally, since EVs do not require oil changes and possess exhaust systems, maintenance costs are lower. Rotating the tires of an electric car and keeping them properly inflated helps to maintain its condition.

Quiet and Fast

Generally, it takes just one ride to comprehend the improved ride quality of a battery-powered car compared to one whose internal combustion engine uses petroleum. Additionally, the high torque---axle-twisting power---offered by the vehicle is greater than ordinary cars. For instance, when you place your feet on the accelerator, power is instantly delivered to the wheels, offering a stimulating driving experience. Similarly, an electric car is smooth and quiet, which makes majority of the regular vehicles appear outdated and clunky.

Home Recharging

Electric cars are convenient hence one does not need to visit a gas station throughout. All one has to do is to reach over for a plug at home and push it into the charging inlet. This takes approximately 15 seconds to fill the vehicle and is ready to go for an additional 80 to 100 miles. However, this depends on the model of the vehicle.

No Tailpipe Emissions

Electric cars, even those in coal-dependent regions, are believed to have a smaller environmental impact than conventional ones. In areas that have a strong grid mix of renewable such as solar, wind and hydro or for EV drivers with home solar, the benefits of emissions are dramatic. However, it is evident that EVs do not have a tail pipe therefore they are useful in improving air quality for the community and family.